"I’ve had two sessions with Hayley now and can attest to her transformational powers and her passion. I appreciated her creating such a patient and open environment, allowing me to be honest with myself. She introduced me to AFT and I can see the benefits already! My association with certain memories and intimidating future plans got a lot more positive and flowed me into a space of believing in myself and the world around me. Thank you, Hayley!"


"It was my first time working with aromatherapy and I thought it was a great experience! Hayley was great at guiding me through the process and I was impressed at the immediate benefits I felt once I smelled the essential oils. I felt instantly more relaxed and at peace when I smelled the essential oils. I recommend it to anyone that is working on personal healing! Thank you, Hayley!" 


"Hayley is a bright light for those looking for guidance, support & growth in their emotions & wellbeing. She walks her talk with personal growth, and offers many great tools to enhance one's journey!"


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